About Us

‘Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association’ is an independent, non-profit, apolitical non-governmental organization that extends its activity throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania. The association was established, based on the existing legal framework for the registration of non-profit organizations and registered with the Tirana Judicial District Court.

“Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association” was established in May 2018 and has about 170 members, mostly cooker and chef, thus being the largest professional association of chefs in the country. The ‘‘Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association’’ is a member of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies.

Our goal and task is to become the voice of Albanian cuisine and chefs to give another dimension and value to the art of cuisine and the profession of chef. Association through its program aims to motivate young people to vocational education, maintain and cultivate the tradition of cuisine in Albania as well as to promote it abroad, to guide and advise on further professional qualifications cooks and chefs, to promote domestic production, participate in international cooking competitions and fairs.