Competitions of this nature, nationally or internationally, are not just a way to pass the time, they help us gain more experience, understand what our capabilities are, and build a very good network.

The ‘Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association’ is the organizer of several competing competitions in the country, where young chefs or local and foreign chefs become part of these projects presenting a variety of eye-catching and delicious creations for the stomach.

The ‘Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association’ is also constantly participating in international competitions, collaborating and competing to share best ideas with participants from around the world. The association enables affiliated chefs to develop their professional careers by becoming part of these competencies that produce knowledge, techniques or ideas that they can implement in places where they practice their chef’s profession.

Contests we have organized and participated in

“Chefs Day 2020”

“Campionati della Cucina Italiana”

Championship Montenegro Hospitality, Budva

Alb Cook Fest

Gastro Alb 3

Gastro Alb 2

Alb Cook Fest