International Chefs and Cooks Day

For the second year in a row, on October 20, we celebrated with children, ‘International Chefs and Cooks Day’.

This year’s theme was ‘How Healthy Eating Works’.

The event was organized by the ‘Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association’ and the ‘Food and Welfare Association’ with the participation of about 50 children in the premises of ‘Stela Resort’.

After we all got together at the pool, the kids got to know the chefs and menus they would cook together. The participating children were provided with the Chief’s uniform (aprons and chef hats) made for them by MARI shpk.

We all headed to Spar Qtu, one of the largest supermarkets in the country, where we made the necessary purchases, according to carefully prepared menus. Upon completion of the shopping, the children were divided into groups and everyone began preparing meals with the respective Chefs, with the equipment available from Te Stela Resort and Arredo Fab. They were assigned small tasks, such as washing vegetables, to make them feel involved in the cooking process.

Parents accompanying the children were constantly asked questions about how to feed the children and their involvement in the cooking process. The event was accompanied by music, dance, face painting, quizzes and various educational games. The meals provided by Spar Albania were prepared by the chiefs and the children themselves, and served to the participating children, accompanied by fruit juices from Rauch, Ambla milk and Martanesh natural water.

In the end, the children were provided with a certificate of participation and gifts specially prepared for them by Nesquik.

In addition to entertainment, the children learned many interesting facts about food. They were introduced to the nutritional values contained in fruits and vegetables through various quizzes accompanied by music and pictures.

Through educating  childrens about  how healthy food works , we hope to have celebrated in the best way the ‘International Chefs and Cooks Day’.