FiBank collaboration with SHUM

Want to get a job but don't have the financial means to pursue the required courses? The 'Food and Welfare Association' has found the optimal solution for you. By working closely with 'Fibank', the 'Food and Welfare Association' makes the profession as accessible as possible. Through consumer credit, expedited procedures and 0 disbursement commissions, SHUM [...]

International Chefs and Cooks Day

For the second year in a row, on October 20, we celebrated with children, ‘International Chefs and Cooks Day’. This year's theme was 'How Healthy Eating Works'. The event was organized by the 'Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association' and the 'Food and Welfare Association' with the participation of about 50 children in the premises of [...]

What is Chef’s day?

Every year, on October 20, we celebrate International Chefs and Cooks Day. Chefs Day is considered a celebration of chefs and cooks around the world, who come together to celebrate and share their expertise, but also to impart their knowledge to younger generations. Since the creation of "Chef Day" by world-renowned chef Dr. Bill Gallagher [...]